Defined as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”, trust for us can also be defined as paramount to any relationship between a sailor and his queen, equalling love.

We have all heard the sayings and preconceived conceptions about Sailors, how they supposedly have a girl in every port whether or not a wife loyally waits for him to come home. Being honest, this was the main thing supposed “friends” warned me about or had an opinion and threw judgement on, no matter how unwanted it was. They openignly shared views that I would be hurt, cheated on, left, that you can never trust a man in uniform… and the list goes on.

Such generalised views however could not be further from the truth.

Firstly it would be wrong of me to say that this does not happen or that trust is never broken, it is sadly the reality some sailor wives find themselves faced with. But in all my time this has been a very rare occurrence. For the bond between a sailor and his girl is unlike any other, and for the majority of sailors the role his wife or girlfriend plays garners the most respect, pride and honour he has ever known.

Trust is quite rightly earnt and which can normally take time (and mere seconds to break it as they say). However when it comes to loving a sailor, the relationship not only requires a mutual respect, understanding, maturity, and honesty, but also demands a high level of trust to be there immediately from the start to get through the pressure and trials that life at sea and distance entails, which will test you to your limits at times.

It works both ways. You trust your sailor to protect your heart, love, be loyal and to simply stay safe and come home. He trusts you to be his support at anytime of the day or night, the one he can rely on, the one whom will take care of home in his absence, and ultimately manage life without his physical presence. All of which a loyal and committed sailor wife will do naturally without needing to be asked, no matter how hard they may be or the struggles faced, simply due to a love like no other. Everything is taken in her stride.

Furthermore, being entrusted which such a role is a proud moment, my proudest in fact, and one in which any wife would not want to disappoint. For just knowing that you are being relied upon by your love and that you are believed in can never be matched or exceeded by anything else.

Something else that many do not understand is how perceptive a sailor is. He takes note of every little thing you do for him, because you are all he has and you get him through each and every day. You are his constant. And even on the days you crumble, which do happen and then you dust yourself off and get back up again (which we are so good at!), he knows without you speaking a word.

Hence, you will find that the sacrifices a sailor sees his wife make, the unconditonal support and love bestowed upon him are cherished and something to never be taken for granted or lost. The bond is unique, which is fitting for two very unique people.

As they say, a sailor without his queen is like a ship without its anchor. You are a team, a trustworthy team.

A very different truth.

C x

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